Renting a Storage Unit

Let’s Start at the Beginning

Julie Andrews in the moving Sound of Music sang many songs, but one in particular about how to sing she said, “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start,” and she was right, the beginning is a very good place to start.

 If you have called a storage facility, you are already aware that for what ever reason you need to to put some of your stuff in a moderately safe place for a while. You may be remodeling, moving, selling a home, or just need a place to store tools or holiday items. In any event you have decided you need to rent storage.

I get this call typically once a day, “Do you have any storage?” It could be I need a storage, or do you have storage, but it is something to this effect. What I hear is I need a storage unit but don’t have a clue what I need.

 Most folks do not understand the dimensions of their bedroom or kitchen so I should not expect them to understand that I have a 8 x 12, or 9 x 30 available. Since you know more about what you are going to store, and I get the dimensions, and know what is available, let me give you some ideas that can help you seem like you are a storage pro.

1. When calling a facility, tell the person you are talking to that you are shopping for storage and need to know if there is storage available?

  1. When calling a facility, tell the person you are talking to that you are shopping for storage and need to know if there is storage available.
  2. Have a list of what you intend to store, by either saying you have a bedroom suit, or I have two pickup truck loads. These facts will let the storage facility start giving you ideas of available open units.
  3. If you are selling your home that is important and so knowing the square footage of your home will help the facility come up with options to store most of what you have.

My last suggestion would also have an idea of how long you are going to need storage. I may have a unit that is perfect for what you need but if I know that you are only storing until your house is built or you will be closing on your new place, I may offer you a larger unit at a discount and save my smaller building, or I may rent you multiple units and discount both. This last idea may come in handy because you can have one unit for belongings you know you will not look at until you are ready to move in, the other unit will be seasonal belongings you may need to be in weekly until you are ready to move.

It is alright to ask questions, come and look at the facility, and inspect units before moving in. Knowing the size unit is the beginning and also the easy part.

I hope this has been helpful.

— Jerrie Wayne Barber, II

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