What You Need to Know About Renting U-Haul

We at Barber’s USA have been privileged, honored, and excited to be partnered with U-Haul. I have found that it is wonderful to be the “face” of Centerville, and Hickman county, meaning there have been times that I have been one of the first people that new comers to our community get to meet. I get to tell them about the restaurants, schools, parks, and houses of worship, our town and county have to offer.

What else I have found out in our time with U-Haul is that I get to meet people on one of the most stressful days of their lives. Sometimes I get to lighten their mental anguish just by a lighthearted conversation. However, there have been times I only add to their load because they are not expecting the expense that comes along with moving.

Here are some things to consider when renting U-Haul. I believe these insights will be helpful.

1.  Make a reservation if you know you are going to need a piece of U-Haul equipment.

I have a lot of customers who will walk in on a Friday or Saturday, see that I have a truck on my lot, and believe they can just walk in and rent it. They are excited and sometimes angry when I inform them that the particular piece of equipment cannot be rented because it is reserved. That is understandable and unfortunate and is even more frustrating when I make several calls to find out NOTHING is available within 30-45 miles of my office.
 If you need a piece of equipment, you know you are going to move, don’t wait until the last minute to arrange your belongings transportation. Moving is stressful enough, but how you move is just as important as the move. Here are a few ways to book a reservation for moving equipment.

  • Call 1-800-GOUHAUL
  • Call me 1-931-729-3772 or 1-931-729-0988
  • From computer or cell phone go to uhaul.com

Any of these will get you a reservation and secure your equipment. If going on line, I suggest you fill out as much of the information as possible so that when you arrive to pick up your equipment, it is a quick transaction and gets you on the road in the shortest amount of time. While my company is light, not everyone wants to listen to my antidotes while getting their rental set up in the computer, and that is alright.

2.  U-Haul can and will move the location of where you are going to pick up your equipment.

While this is frustrating as well, it is a fact that if you reserve a piece of equipment and would like to pick it up at a particular location, it does not always work out that way. Pay attention to the e-mails or text messages you receive so that you continue to stay informed on where you will be getting your truck or trailer. Note that when you set up a reservation, you will be given an option of receiving a call, e-mail, or a text message so make sure you pick the medium that works best for you and that you are accustomed to paying attention to.

3.  U-Haul dealers do not make the decision to re-arrange your reservation.

This is technically part 2 of suggestion #2, but deserves its own category. Consider that you are in a bind to move, you just walked into my office, and you do not see the piece of equipment you have reserved. While irritating that IS NOT MY FAULT, and it would behoove you to ask questions instead of rant and rave at me. Typically I will do everything I can to get you taken care of and even go as far as seeing if I can arrange discount, and even give you phone numbers of people who get paid to hear you rant and rave. I am sympathetic and want you to have a great experience, at a minimum as good of an experience as you can have. On the other hand, I have been known to be very uncooperative to the point of helping you out of my office and off our property. While I do not enjoy that, I will not be spoken to harshly, cursed at, or threatened. U-Haul does not pay that well.

4. U-Haul dealers DO NOT SET PRICES.

Please understand that I have no control over the price you pay for a rental. Prices are set, and they, for the most part, are set in stone. I cannot finagle your total mileage or level of fuel you left in the truck upon return. This is another reason that suggestion 2 is so important, and if you find you need a truck as plenty of questions.

  1. What is the rental rate?
  2. Why is there a mileage fee? Why is that different during the week and weekend?
  3. Is there a difference in local and one-way and why?
  4. How long is the rental period?
  5. Are there hidden penalties?
  6. Do you have senior-citizen, and or military discounts?

The better informed you are the better your renting experience will be.

Feel free to call or stop by and get more information about renting U-Haul equipment. I will be glad to help in any way that I can whether you rent from me or just needing information while planning a move: 931-729-3772.

— Jerrie Wayne Barber, II

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